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Twisted Kreation

Twisted Kreations From A Twisted Mind

28 October 1977
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There is so much turmoil inside of me that I’m surprised that there’s any light left in my eyes. Events and issues are so hard to face that it eats me away from the inside out. Life sometimes doesn’t make sense to me though I try to sift through the deck to find the cards I’ve been dealt but they are hidden amongst and camouflaged by the rest. I’m holding on to the sanity that remains twisted inside of me yet when I look into the mirror, my eyes devour something completely ruined.

I am ruined.

I no longer look from my eyes with the purity of a child. I don’t believe that I ever have looked upon the world with an innocence that has gone untouched by a few passing years. My life has always been and always will be the projection of anothers hate.